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About Us


The Ultimate Event at Your Home

So many of us are running out of ideas for that special occasion, or tired of traveling to yet another event, many are now considering creating that special memory conveniently at home or at the cottage. An outdoor movie theatre experience is just that, an experience in your own backyard, something that is truly unique. A giant screen under the stars, a movie you want to watch with family and friends, coupled with an amazing professional 7.1 surround sound system will leave a lasting memory.
We come with seasoned A/V Professionals, and totally loaded with all the gear you need to have a fantastic big screen movie experience, with amazing sound, no tinny little speakers like the other guy’s use.  Most people are shocked of the clarity; “wow we’ve never heard that before” is very common. With millions of dollars spent on a typical movie sound track, we want you to be drawn into the movies full effect of sound, for a real “being there” full dimensional experience.  George Lucas has been quoted in saying, “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.”

Do you have a music concert video you would like to see large and loud?  With our equipment, we can make it seem as though you’re right in the front row!

Have your family & friends and neighbours over for the next big, live sporting event!
Have gamers in your home? We can connect their Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo to a giant multi-player big screen experience that they won’t forget!
If you are looking for a completely different experience for your next special event, give us a call! Dates are limited, so book your special 2022 event now!

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