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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Why have an outdoor movie theatre event?

So many of us are running out of ideas for that special occasion, or tired of traveling to yet another event, many are now considering creating that special memory conveniently at home or at the cottage. An outdoor movie theatre experience is just that, an experience in your own backyard, something that is truly unique. A giant screen under the stars, a movie you want to watch with family and friends, coupled with an amazing professional 7.1 surround sound system will leave a lasting memory.

Are your kids looking for that amazing multiplayer giant screen and big sound, gamer event?

No problem, we can hook up their game machine for a thrill of a life time!

How much does an outdoor movie theatre system cost?

The price will vary depending upon a number of factors. The size of screen required, the setup location accessibility, indoor, outdoor etc, are all factors in cost. One factor is the distance our team needs to travel to setup your special event. Prices generally range from $1000.00 to $3000.00.

To guarantee the dates you want, please reserve your spot as early as possible. We will try to accommodate your schedule, but we must honour our first come customers. Contact us for more information and our rates.

How difficult is planning your private outdoor event?

It’s remarkably simple, you reserve a date with us, contact your guests, supply the DVD or Blu-ray movie, we look after the big screen, projector, theatre sound system, set-up and remove all of the audio/video equipment. We even send you an outdoor movie event check list which will help you remember the little and big details.

When can the movie start?

Basically at dusk. Video projection can only start once the sun goes down for optimal picture quality. In June to July we can start a movie around 9pm, in August, generally 8:30pm is a good start time.

How big is the screen?

Another good question is how big is your yard, or how many people are you expecting? After reviewing your facilities, and discussing the expected number in attendance, we will provide the correct giant screen for your event.

How much space do we need?

Generally you need a yard that is reasonable level with a dimensions of approximately 25’ x 50’ or larger. If you have any concerns please give us a call or email us some pictures, we will be happy to review the logistics of your home or cottage backyard with you.

What type of equipment is included?

We only use professional commercial grade HD projectors, 16:9 widescreens, professional audio 7.1 processors, amplifiers and loudspeakers including large subwoofers. No home stereos here or inexpensive consumer products. A big bright clear picture is important, but equally is the sound. We want you to have an experience, see and hear the movie like the producer intending it to be, and not be disappointed with a couple of tinny sounding speakers. Most people are shocked of the clarity; “wow we’ve never heard that before” is very common. With millions of dollars spent on a typical movie sound track, we want you to be drawn into the movies full effect of sound, for a real “being there” full dimensional experience. George Lucas has been quoted in saying, "The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie", and we agree.

How much electrical power do we need?

We need a minimum of two, 15amp AC circuits that are not shared with any other appliance in your home. An outdoor plug on your home along with a plug in your garage will generally be sufficient power. We bring the heavy duty AC extension cords. If you want us to setup in a remote location we can bring generators.

How powerful is the Theatre 7.1 surround sound system?

Our smallest system has the capability of 4400 watts, but that doesn’t mean it is necessary to demand all of that power, but this also means there is more than enough power to hear your movie with phenomenal clarity and intelligibility. We raise the volume to a level where the movie is thrilling, not shrilling and not so loud it is damaging your ears. Remember it’s a good idea to not go crazy with the volume, and remain friends, especially your neighbours.

Does your equipment kill the grass?

No worries there mate! We have large wheel carts to bring the equipment on and off your lawn. Since the equipment is only on your grass for the day, it will bounce right back in a few days.

What happen is if the weather is bad?

With any outdoor events the weather can ruin the scheduled date; however we will try our best to accommodate another date for you. You can choose a back up location or reschedule the event. There are only additional fees if we have already begun to travel to your home or cottage. If the weather looks threatening, imminent rain, looming thunder clouds or dangerous winds capable of damaging equipment then we reserve the right to protect our equipment and unfortunately we will have to cancel, delay setup or pause until the suitable weather condition exist.

Do we need a film license for the events?

Films may be shown without a separate license in the home to “a normal circle of family and its social acquaintances” (Section 101) because such showings are not considered “public.”

According to the Canadian Copyright Act, all public, private and commercial organizations wanting to present copyrighted films must be properly licensed with a rights organization. We will assist you with the films licensing if it is necessary at your event. Contact us for more info.

Tall Film Strip 5

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